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A place where children and adult relationships highlight the importance of achieving increasing levels of academic, behavior and social skills for personal success. Our goal is to expose children living with limited resources to the many cultural and educational opportunities available in our community. All children deserve "the best" regardless of their family's income and the zip code where they live.

Thank you for your support of our work in the neighborhood

Message From Joyce Maybin Nesmith, Executive Director

Our goal is to add a sparkle in the eyes of children in our neighborhoods. We believe all children deserve experiences exposing them to the finest in academic, cultural and social accomplishments and events. We seek to serve families whose incomes and circumstances makes it difficult for their children to participate in events in the community and beyond.

Our supporters including donors, volunteers and community partners provide the resources needed to be able to keep our doors open and programs running. We could not do this work without the tiime, talent and financial support people like you send our way.

Want to turn your extra time into an event with children? Call me at (843) 697-4040 and let's book your visit to BOWs. Thank you for your interest in our work!