JLP 2018

Keep Free Reading Sessions In the Neighborhood

World's Finest Chocolate Fundraiser


Please support our fundraiser to help support our reading program throughout the summer months.

We will get your order to you. Share this wonderful chocolate treat with family, friends, and co-workers. The fundraiser ends Friday, March 30, 2018

About Our Organization

After spending years on school campuses in North Charleston, BOWs volunteers started our 10th year opening a location in the heart of the neighborhood.

We are excited about serving families during hours schools are closed, holidays, weekends, and summer months. BOWs Meeting Place is the neighborhood meeting place promoting education. Interested parents and their children can plan and participate in educational activities and events sponsored by BOWs Volunteers and community partners. We are also networking resources to help parents learn more about job and career opportunities to improve their lives.

Become a Volunteer

Parents and neighbors can work together to help secure the future of children growing up in our communities. BOWs volunteers are citizens who believe a quality education is key in building brighter futures for our children, community, state and nation.

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Service Opportunities

Our Summer Program will start June 16th and there will be opportunities for individuals, groups and organizations to serve until our finale event on August 2nd. You can complete our online form to sign up to volunteer and help with our efforts.

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