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"How Are the Children?"

In them lies a future unseen

“All the children are well” means life is good. It means the daily struggles of existence, even among poor people, include the proper care of the young and defenseless. I wonder how it might affect our consciousness of our own children’s welfare if we took to greeting each other in the same daily question, “And how are the children?” I wonder, if we heard that greeting passed along to each other a dozen times a day, whether it would begin to make a difference in the reality of how children are thought of and cared for in this country. I wonder what it would be like if every adult among us—parent and nonparent alike—felt an equal weight of responsibility for the daily care and protection of all the children in our town, in our state, and in our country. I wonder whether we could truly say without hesitation, “The children are well. Yes, all the children are well.” What would it be like if the President began every press conference, every public appearance by answering the same question: “And how are the children, Mr. President?” If every governor of every state had to answer the same question at every press conference: “And how are the children, Governor? Are they well?” Would be interesting to hear their answer?" - Author Unknown

(Excerpt found online at HowAretheChildren.pdf)

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Where Are Children Enrolled in "F" Rated Schools?

43,105 Children Enrolled In "F" rated Public Schools in South Carolina

This amount does not include the thousands that are in "D" rated schools. We must want at least a "C" rated school for all children in our State.