"F" Rated Schools

“How Are the Children?"


I am an "everyday" citizen named Joyce Maybin Nesmith. I have a deep concern about the future of our children. I feel they are innocent and dependent on adults to help pave pathways to their futures. I make no claims to know all the facts and invite any and all facts, comments and constructive criticism to continue the conversation about the education of children nationwide. I must start the conversation in my community and my State of South Carolina. Everyone can add to the conversation by posting stats about schools in your community and state. I used the SC State Department of Education http://www.ed.sc.gov/data/report-cards/2014/index.cfm and the US Department of Education http://www.ed.sc.gov/data/esea/2014/district.cfm?SID=2301 to compile this information about the schools rated “F” in South Carolina. Our State has many schools with good ratings. However, we must be concerned about children attending “F” rated schools. Please join the conversation and research schools in your community and state. Please share your findings with us if you find some with an “F” rating. If you would like to talk offline, please give me a call at (843) 202-0707.