BOWs RiverDogs Fundraiser 2016

Exciting Summer & Launch of the Fall Activities

RiverDogs Game


Benefit BOWs


STEM field trips to Grice Marine Lab

Shia participated in our Summer Program.


August 31, 2016

Beyond Our Walls (BOWs) will be featured game time.

The tickets are available for whatever amount you would

like pay to support the fundraiser.

Tickets are available now to purchase or reserve before the game by contacting Joyce Maybin Nesmith at (843) 697-4040- call or text your request.

The tickets will be available for pick up at the game gate at the Ham Morrison Racing Table or delivered to you before game day.

Ham Morrison Racing

Sponsors RiverDogs Fundraiser

for Beyond Our Walls (BOWs)

Neighborhood Learning Center in N. Charleston

Learn more about our program at

and Facebook page- Beyond Our Walls, Inc.

Proceeds will be donated to BOWs for the Fall/Winter Programs.

One day, I found this colorful picture on my desk. Shia, the artist, and several of her cousins walked daily to the center or were dropped off by their parents on their way to work.

We are looking forward to our Fall and Winter Program to offer a safe environment for children in the neighborhood, especially days schools are closed.

Your ticket purchases for the upcoming RiverDogs game sponsored by Ham Morrison Racing will help support this learning center in the Dorchester Terrace Neighborhood in North Charleston.