Volunteer Information

Sam Wright

Sam Wright, BOWs Painter/Porter, has volunteered his services since the beginning of BOWs Meeting Place. He worked diligently in transforming the interior and the outside of our location.

The interior walls were painted black and needed repair. Sam, a professional painter, immediately told us we needed lots of primer to brighten up the walls. He spent many hours priming and painting the walls to the very warm inviting shade it is today. He often said he wanted the place to be ready for the children.

Sam also volunteered to trim all the shrubs and

bushes from the outside walkway.

We thank Sam for his time and love for children and families we will continue serving.

Thanks again, Sam.... We appreciate you!

Linda Smalls

Linda Smalls started her volunteer services at Burns ES where two (2) of her granddaughters attended school. She has been very active in supporting the Girl Scouts Troop. Her granddaughter, Tanaja, was a member of the first girl scout troop held on the school campus.

Her Granddaughter,

Keyosha Smalls

Tanaja has "moved up" to Middle School. Her youngest granddaughter, Keyosha, still attends Burns Elementary School.

Linda is still very involved and faithful in her volunteer services at BOWs.

After her daughter passed away several years ago, she stepped forward and has taken full responsibility for raising her granddaughters. In the picture, Linda is showing you one of the first "BOWs For Education" headbands that are being handcrafted by volunteers to help support paying the expenses to keep our Meeting Place open.

Linda is such an inspiration and I am certain she will inspire many of the mothers and grandmothers who seek our services at BOWs Meeting Place.

Great Job, Linda! Thank you for being a role model of support and dedication for your family and families in our surrounding neighborhoods.

Joyce Maybin Nesmith

BOWs Community Volunteers Coordinator

May 7, 2014

Keyosha is wearing the headband made by her

Grandmother, Linda Smalls

She models with such pride!